What is a MEHKO? 

  • A MEHKO, is a Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation, a fairly new permit offered in Alameda County for home cooks to sell their food. I have had my permit since May 2021.

Shipping, Delivery, and Pick UP:

  • This site is a template, and unfortunately I can not eliminate the shipping feature - PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT SHIP ANY FOOD.
  • DELIVERY: I am hoping to implement this soon, starting with Oakland and Alameda. Please let me know if you are interested in delivery service.
  • PICK UP: Always on Mondays and Thursdays, between 5:00 - 7:00 pm at 1732 Webster Street. I am located directly behind Molcajete Restaurant (where the bright yellow railroad container is with neon on top of it). Simply call my phone at 510.853.5336 and I will come right out with your order!

Meal Plans and A La Cart Menus:

  • The Meal Plan menus give a cost of $0. This is because they have already been purchased when you ordered the meal plan. Again, I am dealing with a template, and for you to see the menu, the system requires me to put a value. These dishes are not free, they have simply been paid for with the subscription.
  • A La Cart Menus are only offered on Thursdays, and you need to order no later than the Tuesday before the Thursday of the same week. Unfortunately, not all the meal plan menu is offered to the A La Cart menus, just fyi.

Refunds and Pausing Subscription:

  • I don't provide refunds. However if you need to pause for a week or 2 with your subscription, not a problem, just let me know and I will adjust your calendar of service.
  • If you order a dish that you do not like, and you are unhappy, I am happy to offer you a complimentary other dish of equal value.